Long Term Services & Supports Options Counseling

ADRC Long Term Services & Supports (LTSS) Options Counseling is an interactive process where individuals receive guidance in their deliberations to make informed choices about long-term supports. The process is directed by the individual and may include others that the person chooses or those that are legally authorized to represent the individual. You lead; we listen.

Your Story

Our LTSS Options Counseling process includes:

  • A personal interview to discover strengths, values, and preferences of the individual and the utilization of screenings for public programs,
  • A facilitated decision support process which explores resources and service options and supports the individual in weighing pros and cons,
  • Developing action steps toward a goal or a long term support plan and assistance in applying for and accessing support options when requested, and
  • Quality assurance and follow-up to ensure supports and decisions are working for the individual.

We employ person-centered dialogue to learn about your individual values, strengths, preferences, and concerns. This discussion is a process of discovering factors important to you to assist in exploring options and developing an action plan or long term support plan. It is important that you only have to “tell your story” only once. Relevant information obtained through the interview and required assessments is recorded by our professional ADRC Options Counselors and shared as necessary with the individual’s consent. You may choose to have a family member, caregiver, support person, or advocate participate with you in the process.

Making Decisions

ADRC of San Benito County LTSS Options Counseling includes the exploration of resources so individuals can choose what is right for them to assist with current or future long term services and supports. Resources may include informal support, privately funded services, publically funded services and benefits, among others. A tailored list of resources that you identify as helpful for you to live independently in your community is offered in a timeframe that gets the information to you when you need it to make decisions.

In addition to discussing and sharing information about available resources, ADRC LTSS Options Counselors can assist you in evaluating various pathways, including the pros/cons of specific options. They can also provide assistance in developing a written personal written plan of action. The written plan can serve as a guide for you for future work and/or steps necessary to achieve goals or obtain LTSS that are important to you in maintaining your independence.

ADRC LTSS Options Counselors can also provide assistance you may want to access or coordinate chosen services and supports. This support could be short or long process depending on your direction, the degree of urgency in meeting your goals, or the availability of funding to provide such support. We want our ADRC LTSS Options Counseling to be a part of a uniform process across San Benito County and across the state that streamlines eligibility and access to public programs and community-based supports for you, or for others who may need assistance in getting the help they need.

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