You . . . individuals needing information and assistance to help you remain in your home and community of choice for as long as possible is really what the ADRC and its professional network is all about. Without you, there is no us. It can be a struggle to find, afford, and obtain the help one needs to age in place here in California. It is a challenge to understand supports eligibility and be able to act on opportunities for a leg up or a second chance, to apply for local programs or for public benefits, and even to keep those services going once they are in place. The support network for older adults, individuals living with disability, and caregivers is complex, fragmented, and often unique to the area in which one lives.

We are here to help

That’s why the ADRC of San Benito County exists, and that is why you - - the individual or family consumer - - is our primary focus. We can help you identify and prioritize your needs. We can explain in an easily understood way, what must be done to obtain the community living support(s) you require to stay independent where you choose to live. Gone are the days when not being able to meet one’s daily needs automatically necessitated a move into a nursing facility, or required expensive private pay in-home assistance. Sure, both continue to be options for those than need to, or can afford to in the case of the latter, but there are also community-based options and income-based benefit programs, as well as State waiver programs to support expanded choice and provide a broader range of real options.


The ADRC and its network partners can help you make sense of the options available to you or someone you care for.
We also provide, no cost:

  • Information to more fully describe available option;
  • Referrals to community-based organizations, as well as to County-based benefit programs;
  • Options counseling, either in-person or virtually by appointment;
  • Help with prioritizing needs, and with creating an action plan on how to meet them;
  • Assistance with presumptive eligibility determinations, and even applications for service(s);
  • Short term care coordination services for up to 90 days;
  • Assistance in transitioning from hospital or care facility back to community.

Some examples of the type of assistance we can provide through our ADRC of San Benito County partnership network are support for Medicare enrollments; enrollment assistance for CalFresh benefits; help in identifying and hiring a variety of in-home support and service professionals; arranging for assisted transportation; obtaining important assistive technology; guidance in identifying and obtaining affordable housing; scheduling for important legal consultations; and referrals to caregiving resources, such as respite and support groups.


While many community-based organizations do not have the staffing nor the expertise to serve consumers with such complex needs, the ADRC of San Benito County and its network of partners welcome you and family members who are transitioning from one level of care to another, who have trouble accessing the help they need, or who need patient and understanding explanations of confusing eligibility criteria, application processes, or determination letters. Please allow us the opportunity to help you make sense of your options and choose the best path forward for you or someone you love and support.

We’re here to help,
and help you connect.

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