Core Services

Enhanced Information and Referral / Assistance (I&R/A)

Comprehensive resources information, application and enrollment support, follow-ups, and referrals via “warm hand-offs” so you or someone you’re assisting doesn’t end up in a revolving door of telephone numbers no longer in service, or leaving messages that go unreturned.

The Aging and Disability Resource Connection of San Benito County (ADRC) collects and maintains up to date information regarding aging, disabilities, and caregiver support services and programs to answer what you need to know, and the ADRC also maintains crucial community partnerships and professional relationships to help ensure you don’t get overlooked in efforts to obtain needed help.

Long Term Services & Supports Options Counseling

Assistance in identifying needs and goals through person-centered counseling and coordinating access to public and private-funded long-term services and supports in the community, so you or someone you love doesn’t have to receive needed supports through institutionalization.

The Aging and Disability Resource Connection of San Benito County (ADRC) will help people identify their needs, as well as personal strengths, and goals; craft a plan to achieve those goals; and provide assistance with establishing eligibility, completing enrollment, or making application for services. And, as your needs and goals change, the ADRC will help you reevaluate and seek out new supports to help you live independently in your community.

Short Term Service Coordination

Quick access to services and supports for individuals at risk of institutionalization, generally for 90 days or less, until a longer-term plan is in place. Aging and Disability Resource Connection of San Benito County (ADRC) staff or qualified care coordination staff from partner organizations, will serve as short- term service coordinators to help you or someone you’re helping enroll in needed community service supports, address a barrier to new or on-going community care, or provide problem-solving or advocacy support to resolve issues related independence and self-determination.

Transition Assistance

Help for individuals who are currently in a hospital, nursing facility, or other institution and wish to receive long-term services and supports at home or in a community-based setting. Aging and Disability Resource Connection of San Benito County (ADRC) staff will work with individuals, families, and hospital or medical social workers to help develop and coordinate an individualized community-based care plan to meet the health, safety, and social needs of older adults and individuals living with disability leaving hospital or rehabilitation care.

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